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Sewage Pumps: Sanishower

The Sanishower is a small gray water discharge pump that may be used to pump waste water away from a shower, hand basin, bar sink, MSD or other fixtures.


The Sanishower is small enough to fit underneath a raised shower base. Alternatively it can be placed behind a wall, beside a shower or mounted to your MSD. The Sanishower will pump wastewater up to 9 feet in height.

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Sanishower diagram

Including pump only H6 x W13" x D61⁄2" H15cm x W33cm x D17cm
Induction Motor (no carbon brushes or gears), tested over 30,000 cycles. 3600 rpm.
Electrical supply:
110-115V; 60Hz; 5.5amps
Horizontally to 100 ft (33m) Pumps vertically to 9 ft (3m)
Gravity Fall on Horizontal installations:
1/4" per ft
Discharge Pipe Diameter:
3⁄4" or 1"; 21mm or 25mm
Construction Materials:
Polypropylene, C.R.P., stainless steel, Neoprene Max. temp. 104°F; 40°C
Normal Running Time:
10–20 secs subject to installation pipe run
Water per Flush: 1.3 US gal; 3.5 liters Volume 7.62 gal/m; 48 l/m
Designed to function with: Hand-basin, Shower