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Chemical Supplies

MSD Activator

MSD Activator is an all-natural specialized blend of bacterial cultures and nutrients specifically selected for their ability to accelerate the natural process of waste degradation.

MSD Activator is safe to use as directed. It is completely natural, containing no corrosive chemicals, caustics, or acids, and is hazard free. Will not cause damage to or corrode any metal, ceramic, or plastic parts in the drainage system.

MSD Activator makes it easy to maintain and protect your sewage system with convenient pre-measured packets.

Simply flush four packets down the toilet bowl to KICK-START your system and then flush one packet each week thereafter to maintain it.

This process will provide the necessary amount of hybrid nutrients to activate existing bacteria allowing the system to maintain peak performance, and process larger amounts of waste for longer periods.

MSD Activator

Degrades Tissue, Detergent, Paper,
Fat, Oil and Grease!

  • Restores the natural biological process
  • Boosts the existing biological activity
  • Keeps your system working efficiently
  • Prevents expensive emergencies
  • Helps keep system trouble free
  • Improves organic waste degradation
  • Reduces odors and solids

MSD Enhancer & Odor Controller

The powerful biocatalyst in MSD Enhancer & Odor Controller is the result of a fermentation process between a special blend of all natural vegetation, enzymes, proteins, and nutrients. This formula, when added to your system increases the metabolism (and thus the ability to process waste) in those native Bacterial Microbes that live in your system by up to 1000%.

By providing the micronutrients and coenzymes present in MSD Enhancer & Odor Controller, you are feeding the microbes and enabling more oxidation-reduction reactions to occur. This speeds the natural process of biodegradation and transforms those chemicals in human waste that are hazardous to the environment into harmless substances like water and carbon dioxide.

But that's only half the benefit!

MSD Enhancer & Odor Controller also contains a complex mixture of vegetable based derivatives that are chemically modified to bond with, and destroy foul odor emissions.

Simply flush two ounces of MSD Enhancer & Odor Controller down toilet to KICK-START your system and an ounce every week thereafter or as needed to control odor. The bottle measures and dispenses just the right amount without spillage or loss. Loosen cap on small dispensing chamber and squeeze until pre-measured section fills. Remove cap and pour! It is as simple as that!

MSD Enhacer and Odor Controller

Increase Bacterial Metabolism
by up to 1000%

  • Eliminates foul odor in the worst conditions
  • Increases sewage system efficiency
  • Promotes bacterial growth in fresh or salt water
  • Fast acting and biodegradable
  • Completely safe to the environment